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What is Urban Yogic Wellness and Education "UYWE"

Urban Yogic Wellness and Education is a non-profit educational organization that provides  resources to its community of members. It provides a platform where individuals take the control of their lives into their own hands in order to transform and become healthier well rounded individuals.

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Restructuring health and wellness in the community. We provide holistic wellness programs for youth and adults with a focus on Mental, Physical, Spiritual Development, Identity and Self Awareness. Putting the power of healing and evolution in the individuals hands.

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We provide Virtual and In-Person UYWE Classes, Meditations, Sound Baths, Podcasts, Photography, Videography, Health and Wellness Workshops, Hikes, Camping, Getaways and Retreats. Holistically restructuring our view of health and wellness nurturing and elevating the community physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Urban Yogic Wellness and Education, UYWE, uses Yogic principals adapted to modern times. We believe that everybody is different and every body is different. With that in mind, our holistic approach creates a tailormade practice unique to each individual to aid in their mental, physical, emotional, social, and economic regulation and elevation.

Meet the Team

The UYWE  collaborates with a team of dedicated instructors and wellness professionals who are passionate about improving overall well-being of the community . Through their expertise and commitment, they aim to provide resources,  to empower individuals in their journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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